Attorney General Dana Nessel


Thank You Michigan

Thank you for bringing Michigan’s Attorney General back to the people!


For the last 16 years, the people of Michigan have been left behind by Michigan’s Attorney General – but the long wait for an advocate who will put people first is over – and that is because of YOU.

The people of Michigan heard us. They demanded an attorney general who will stand up for them, not special interests.

Because of your hard work, for the first time in 16 years, the people’s Attorney General will stand up to corporate polluters, demand justice for the people of Flint, and defend our hard-won civil rights. YOU made this happen!

To every one of you who helped bring the people’s Attorney General back to Michigan: I am so profoundly thankful to all of you who have walked hand-in-hand with me these last 18 months. Thank you for the calls you’ve made, doors you’ve knocked, texts you’ve sent, donations you gave, and for the conversations you’ve had with your friends, your family, and your co-workers. In this extremely difficult moment in our nation's history, we stood up for what we believe in and we didn’t give up. This victory is well-deserved -- and it’s a victory for all of us.

To my amazing wife Alanna and our sons Alex and Zach: thank you for your love and support. Your faith in me and belief that our state and nation can be better has carried me through the toughest of days. I could not have done this without you and I will be forever grateful for your support.

I look forward to serving as your Attorney General. I promise to always stand in your corner, be the tenacious advocate for justice that all Michiganders deserve, and stand up to anyone who threatens our hard-won progress.

Thank you again for helping me return the office of Michigan Attorney General to the people.

Let’s keep moving forward together,