On the issues


Stand up for civil rights

Michigan needs an Attorney General who advocates for greater inclusion in civil rights laws. As Attorney General I will aggressively prosecute hate crimes and all cases of discrimination, protect women's rights to access healthcare, and defend immigrants from Federal overreach.


Protect our enviroNMENT

I will be a tireless advocate for our environment. I will fight to shut down Enbridge Line 5, and any other pipeline that threatens the Great Lakes. I will enforce environmental laws, prosecuting polluters who harm our environment and threaten the health and safety of Michiganders


Defend workers and labor unions

For years elected officials have attacked laws that protect workplaces and workers rights. As Attorney General, I will make certain that Michiganders have safe workplaces, free from discrimination, sexual harassment, and environmental hazards.


Legalize & Regulate Cannabis

Michigan needs common-sense licensing and regulation of cannabis manufacturing and distribution. When elected, I will work with the legislature and local law enforcement to ensure a safe market that keeps cannabis out of kids hands, and off the roads.

Protect Consumers & Students

As Attorney General, I will go after bad actors, predatory lenders, and shady corporations that target Michigan residents. I will create an Auto Insurance Fraud Division to address our sky-high insurance rates, and I'll work to protect student borrowers from aggressive debt collection tactics.

Safeguard Senior Citizens

Michigan Seniors need help too. As AG, I will increase resources to defend seniors from neglect, abuse, and exploitation. I'll ensure that unsafe assisted living facilities and in-home care providers are stripped of their licenses, issue scam notifications for public awareness, and vigorously prosecute cases of Medicaid fraud.