MDP Convention
Cobo Hall, April 15th

Help Us Help Everyone Attend the Convention and Vote for Dana!

The MDP Convention on April 15th is a proportional voting process that works a bit like the electoral college. That means it’s possible for Dana to have many more supporters at the convention than her opponents, and still not win. We can’t let that happen! To make sure we put Dana on the November 6th ballot, we need all our supporters from every county and congressional district across the state to come out to the Convention and vote Dana!

To make that happen, we are organizing across the state like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Carpools and buses are being organized in your community and all across the state. Some organizations have booked multiple houses near Cobo Hall the night before the convention, and hotels are starting to fill up.

  • Need a ride to the convention?
  • Need a place to stay the night before?
  • Can you offer a ride to fellow Democrats?
  • Can you offer a bed or a couch?
  • Are you ready to volunteer for Dana?

Let us know what you need, and what you can do to help, and we will get you together with the right team. This is how we make sure everyone gets to come to convention and vote for Dana!


Get involved, find a ride, or offer one!